Event Coordinator - Bethany Armstrong
I started my road of learning to be a Wedding Coordinator in 2006, and by 2009 I was happy to start and introduce my own business Peace of Mind Weddings. My passion for years has been to help make peoples wedding day their happiest. To see the smiles and the love in the eyes of not only the couple, but the families and friends is an unforgettable gift to witness!

In 2011 I decided to start building a team. I call them my angels. They are so amazing and have helped make Peace of Mind an even stronger business.

Adding the Okanagan Bridal Expo Coordination in 2011 to my life has been such and excitement and thrill! Every year I get to stay in touch with all the established and new vendors in the industry keeping me in the loop. I am always amazed at what the Okanagan Valley has to offer for services and talent!

In 2012 my brothers and I took over the shop my dad started back in 1998 in Vernon, Freedom Tattoo and Body Piercing. I get to be the manager (which is my organizational skills coming to life as we all know!) doing things such as staffing, payroll and inventory. This shop has been a huge blessing to us and I thank my lucky stars everyday!

I stay very busy with all my businesses, full time job and my daughter by my side. I smile everyday when I wake up knowing how wonderful my life is and how I am so lucky to have everyone I know working with me and around me. The Okanagan Valley will always be my home, I’m so in love with it.

 Bethany Armstrong
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Fashion Show Coordinator
Shine models specializes in scouting, developing, training, managing and producing local models and actors in preparation for placements working in the fields of print, fashion shows, commercials, TV and film AND in preparation for LIFE! At Shine models we have several initiatives:
  • We produce dynamic fashions shows second to none!
  • We are always looking for new faces for our model/talent pool.
  • We teach classes in self-development and modelling - building confidence, character and community. Our classes are fun-filled and exciting, which result in self-confident people.
  • Students of all ages participate in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of classes. Students discover their strengths, learn life skills and are inspired to become GREAT role models!
  • We offer "Sharpen Your Image" an employee improvement program focusing on customer service, social graces and work ethic.

Dance Coordinator
Lucy Hazelwood is visionary in her movement, flow and discipline and by boasting the epitome of instruction; Lucy provides a guided tour through the world of performance as owner of Luki Dance Productions. Classically trained, Lucy Hazelwood graduated with a BA Honours Degree from Bird College [validated by the University of Greenwich] in the UK while studying under some of the most renowned instructors. She is more than a dancer, herself; she is a brilliant example as a choreographer, teacher & performer; ensuring her lessons and performances alike, are full of charisma, enthusiasm and most importantly, technique.

Staff Coordinator - Cassandra West
I am an Okanagan country girl and I have had the pleasure of living all over the Okanagan Valley. I have always had a passion for events; especially our local ones. I moved to Kelowna to feed my passion of learning about events and the Okanagan Bridal expo was one of the first volunteer opportunities that I was able to take advantage of. When I arrived to be a “Mover and Shaker” I had no real idea what I was getting myself into. My volunteer shift was four hours but I was having so much fun that I stayed on to see the entire event unfold. I was floored when the head event coordinators Bethany Armstrong and Winona Phillips took me aside at the end of the night and thanked me for my energy and enthusiasm. I have just graduated with my Event and Promotions Management Diploma from the Centre for Arts and Technology and I cannot wait to see what new opportunities are around the corner!

Online Manager - Rhiannon Hughes
I have been a stay at home mom for the last 4.5 years, with a previous background in sales. My children are my love, and my inspiration every day. My passion is in art- from canvas to film, hopefully one day in wedding photography. You can usually find me at the park with my family, or crafting at my desk. I was born in Kelowna, but lived all over the lower mainland. Something about this city brought me back, so I returned with my family last year. I am excited to see what the city has in store for me here.